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13 Gifts for the Silent Hill Fan

With the holidays just around the corner, are you performing a last minute scramble for gifts for the horror fan in your life? Or maybe you’re looking to treat yourself to something spooky? Look no further than this list of gifts for lovers of Silent Hill. Plenty you can buy, some you can make, and others you can bake!

1. Decorate your life with these stickers of Silent Hill characters

From Coey and Shy


2. Populate your desk with Silent Hill 2 Pop Vinyls

From The Mystery Machine

3. Bake a “Welcome to Silent Hill” Cake, featuring Robbie the Rabbit

Welcome to Silent Hill cake! by LaIrish on DeviantArt


4. Deck the halls with this giant Silent Hill 3 poster

From Amazon
From Amazon

5. Light up your world with a Flauros from Origins

From Instructables

6. Sport a Halo of the Sun Pendant

From Your lucky charms

7. Make the miniature health drink you find scattered around town

Silent Hill Miniature Health Drink by ShadyDarkGirl on DeviantArt


8. Protect yourself with Heather’s Aglaophotis necklace

From Copper Butterfly Gifts

9. Crochet this mini Pyramid Head

From NeedleNoodles


10. Get a Silent Hill 4 shopping bag, instead of a stocking, to stuff with other gifts

From Ebay

11. Relive SH3 with a custom-made action figure of Heather Mason

From FigureRealm

 12. Cook up an infamous butter cake from the series

From Gourmet Gaming

13. Celebrate your recent trip to Silent Hill and Lakeside Amusement Park with these wristbands!

From Gaya Entertainment

Are there any other cool Silent Hill-themed gifts that I missed?


Zed Amadeo

Zed Amadeo, indie author of fantasy and horror, has always held a curiosity for the unexplained. Especially that of the most elusive mystery of them all: the human psyche. Zed continues to be inspired by the strange happenings in the world, serving as fuel for Zed's latest fiction works.

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