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SpecFic Digest: June 5 – Horror Writing Tips, Novel Outlining Software, and More

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Welcome to the semiweekly SpecFic Digest, a roundup of curated resources from across the web to help you create and publish fantasy, science-fiction, and horror and discover new works of stellar fiction!

Horror Writing Tips

How Understanding Cosmic Horror Can Improve Your (Love)Craft

How to invoke a Lovecraftian sense of cosmic horror in your fiction. Read on Standoutbooks.

Balls Through the Wall: Making Better Horror Stories

Rethinking what makes an effective horror story. Read on Kate Tilton.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Tips

So You Want to Read Dying Earth Fiction: Here’s Where to Start

A starter reading list of speculative fiction stories that take place in a dying world – great for if you need inspiration or a basic overview of the tropes in this subgenre. Read on Unbound Worlds.

Fantasy Settings: How many races/species are too many?

Creating a world with multiple species? Check out this discussion to help you decide how many to create. Read on r/Worldbuilding.

General Writing Advice

Introducing the Outlining Your Novel Workbook Software

New software to make it easier to outline your story, organize notes on your characters, settings and scenes, and keep all your sources of inspiration in one place (including music playlists!) Read K.M. Weiland’s review.

Your Five-Minute Guide to Pricing Your Self-Published Book

Figure out the most ideal prices to set for your stories based on manuscript length and royalty rates. Read on The Book Designer.

Free Fiction


Free Urban Fantasy Books

Instafreebie promotion for 17 urban fantasy works available through June 7th. Grab your free books here.


Severing Sidney

A free short science fiction story available from Jason Werbeloff. Get your free story.

Want more? For a curated collection of fantasy, science-fiction, and horror writing resources, visit The Trove.

Zed Amadeo

Zed Amadeo, indie author of fantasy and horror, has always held a curiosity for the unexplained. Especially that of the most elusive mystery of them all: the human psyche. Zed continues to be inspired by the strange happenings in the world, serving as fuel for Zed's latest fiction works.

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