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Nostalgia Sunday: The Tribe

Ah, The Tribe: one of my favorite shows that (almost) no one I know in real life has ever heard of.

My Inspiration: Silent Hill

Ah, Silent Hill. My first introduction to horror.

Sound and Fury

Book Review: Blood Magic by Domino Finn

Quote from Domino Finn’s Amazon bio: “If Domino could shout one message to the world, it would be that it’s okay to take fantasy seriously.”

Book Review: Demontouched by Douglas Wayne

Demons. Demons everywhere. Demons abound in Douglas Wayne’s dark urban fantasy Demontouched.

Book Review: Succubus by Kate Whitaker

What do you get when you mix Pittsburgh with the paranormal? Succubus by Kate Whitaker, a fantastic urban fantasy adventure.

Book Review: Help Fund My Robot Army!!!

What’s the strangest Kickstarter campaign you’ve ever heard of? Help Fund My Robot Army!!!, a unique speculative fiction anthology edited by John Joseph Adams, provides an imaginative takes on what would happen if this crowd-sourcing platform were injected with projects straight out of science-fiction and fantasy.


Book Review: Machine of Death

What if you knew how you were going to die? Do you think you would be relieved or terrified, or some strange combination? The contributors of the Machine of Death, a speculative fiction anthology, tackle intriguing and varied answers to this very question.