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SpecFic Digest May 22: Discounted Writing Courses, Worldbuilding Tools, and More Writing Resources

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Welcome to the semiweekly SpecFic Digest, a roundup of curated resources from across the web to help you create and publish fantasy, science-fiction, and horror and discover new works of stellar fiction!


The Worldbuilding Framework

A quick guide and ongoing email course from The Worldbuilding School to help you organize your worldbuilding. Sign up here.

What novels have the most creative and original worldbuilding?

Discussion on books with fleshed out and memorable worlds to serve as inspiration for your own worldbuilding efforts. Read on Quora.

Genre Tropes

Writing Fantasy Fiction: How To Make The Magic Work

Article on creating a believeable magic system in your fantasy story. Read on Standoutbooks.

Things in Speculative Fiction That Would Be Unforgivably Offensive If Only Everyone Was Human

Mistakes to avoid when including alien or non-human species in your speculative fiction story. Read on Springhole.


$10 Course Sale on Udemy!

Grab any course on Udemy for only $10. Check out courses on writing and self-publishing.

It takes money to make money – An exploration of why so many indie authors fail.

Discussion of common mistakes that indie authors make when self-publishing and marketing their work and which areas are best to spend money. Read on r/selfpublish.

Character Creation

Dynamic Character: How to Create a Compelling Protagonist

An article and infographic on how to create memorable, dynamic characters that your audience will remember using three popular characters as examples. Read on Reedsy.

The Ultimate Character Questionnaire

Need help fleshing out a character? This questionnaire with over 150 questions just might help. View the questionnaire.

Free Fiction

Genre Reader Urban Fantasy Promotion

Genre Reader is holding a promotion via Instafreebie for 12 free urban fantasy books through March 31st. Grab your free books here.

Behind You

An ongoing episodic horror comic. Check it out on Taptastic.

General Writing Advice

Patience over the Long, Long Haul

How to find your way through some common writing problems. Read on Writer Unboxed.

25 Steps to Edit the Unmerciful Suck out of Your Story

Turning your first draft into a polished manuscript. Read on Terrible Minds.

Want more? For a curated collection of fantasy, science-fiction, and horror writing resources, visit The Trove.

Zed Amadeo

Zed Amadeo, indie author of fantasy and horror, has always held a curiosity for the unexplained. Especially that of the most elusive mystery of them all: the human psyche. Zed continues to be inspired by the strange happenings in the world, serving as fuel for Zed's latest fiction works.

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