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Screambox: The Netflix of Horror

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Are you a horror fan like myself, but already exhausted the “Horror” section of your Netflix subscription? Check out Screambox to stream as many horror movies and shows as you want for only four bucks a month. Plus when you sign up you get a 30-day free trial. I’m looking forward to exploring what Screambox has to offer!

Watch Horror Movies Online. Uncut. Commercial Free.

Source: Screambox | Watch Horror Movies Online. Uncut. Commercial Free | Dare to be Scared.

Zed Amadeo

Zed Amadeo, indie author of fantasy and horror, has always held a curiosity for the unexplained. Especially that of the most elusive mystery of them all: the human psyche. Zed continues to be inspired by the strange happenings in the world, serving as fuel for Zed's latest fiction works.

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