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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Creating Your Fantasy World

If you’re writing a speculative fiction story, creating a compelling setting can often be equally as important to the characters that populate your world. Whether you’ve already got the bare bones of your fictional setting laid out or need help fleshing out an idea into an intriguing locale, you can use these resources […]

3 Rules for Writing

Can you guess what these three rules are? I bet you can!

What I’ve Learned from Writing

I consider myself to be at the beginning of what I hope becomes a fruitful writing career. Over the course of pursuing my passion in writing, I’ve learned some useful lessons that have helped me break new ground in achieving my writing dreams.

My Inspiration: J.K. Rowling

The author who sparked my imagination and my love for fantasy.

Practical Writing Advice: Selling Your Book

Want new ideas for increasing your book’s sales? Check out Rayne Hall’s Why Does My Book Not Sell? for quick advice on selling your book.

Practical Writing Advice: Handling Rejection

Getting a piece of writing rejected isn’t exactly a fun experience. However, what you do with that rejection can at least turn it into a helpful experience. Here are a few of the things I’ve learned from having my writing submissions get rejected.

Carla King's Self-Publishing Boot Camp

Self-Publishing Boot Camp by Carla King

Do you have questions on the self-publishing process? Self-Publishing Boot Camp by Carla King has your answers.

Create Your Own Language With These 5 Resources

Want to create your own language for your setting, but unsure of how to begin? Check out these resources for constructing a language, from alphabet to slang words and beyond.

Matt Shaw's Self-Publishing

Self-Publishing by Matt Shaw

The age of self-publication has brought lots of freedom, but also an overwhelming number of possibilities for authors. Matt Shaw’s Self-Publishing: Releasing your book to the Digital Market is an excellent resource for indie authors publishing on the Kindle.